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with 24-hour protection

Stop crime before it happens!

Available now to rent short or long term for less than half the cost of a security guard!

RealGuard is not just a fully self-contained camera tower; it’s literally an on-site guarding service linking direct to licensed security officers at RealGuard’s remote guarding centre.

When RealGuard cameras detect movement at your site, live video is streamed via NextG wireless direct to our 24×7 remotely located security guards.

They examine the scene, zoom in using the PTZ camera, and promptly challenge intruders over the RealGuard tower’s inbuilt PA speakers.

If video is triggered by environmental or wildlife activity, our guards simply view and log the event – all part of the service. In other words, they do exactly what an on-site guard should do!

Plus its all recorded, book marked, evidentiary watermarked, audio recorded (most models), and easily available for independent audit.

Ideal for building sites, mines, equipment yards, council depots, event management, sporting events, graffiti control, or general outdoor surveillance – in fact almost anywhere where you would normally deploy security guards after hours.

·  AS 4801 WH&S Certified

·  ISO 9001 QA Certified

·  ISO 14001 Environmental Systems Certified


  • “I have found the RealGuard Remote Video Guarding equipment to be very useful. Prior to having the RealGuard Fixed camera system installed around our Site Office, we had the RealGuard Site Master 5 deployed to protect the site whilst under construction.

    The unit and the service that was implemented caught an intruder. The entire event was captured on live stream video showing the police apprehending the intruder on site with minimal damage to site equipment.

    I would recommend this cost efficient security system to any construction site.”

    Abbas Abbas
    Project Manager, Greenwood Development, Lend Lease

  • “Your system had a dramatic impact on break-ins. We went from 11 break-ins to zero after the installation of the RealGuard system. I will definitely look at using RealGuard again in the future.”

    Dean Marcon

    Senior Project Manager

    Commercial & Industrial Property Pty. Ltd.

  • “Icon has recently deployed the RealGuard Remote Video Guarding system, and it has been very successful in protecting our construction site.

    The security system has picked up intruders as they are coming through the out fence line and front gate. We have found the voice over from Remotely located Security Guards an effective tool in turning unauthorised intruders away from our site after hours.

    Activations have also led to prompt Police dispatch to site following confirmed RealGuard detection of intruders. This has assisted in reducing criminal activity on our construction site and helped create a secure workplace after hours.”

    Michael Clunie

    Site Manager

    Icon Co (NSW) Pty Ltd


  • Stop Crime Before It Happens – Intruders Warned Off Before They Break In!
  • Can Be Hired Short Or Long Term
  • Save Money 
  • Rapid Deployment Delivery Next Day
  • Securing high-risk sites in Australia since 1977 (Experience Counts)
  • Works Pretty Much Anywhere Where A Mobile Phone Works
  • We Deliver, Set Up And Maintain Our Towers To Match Your Requirements