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RealGuard rapid deployment portable live video guarding towers can be hired from Paul-Tec (Australia) Pty Ltd, providing a unique and innovative alternative to expensive on-site security guards.

First trading in 1977, Paul-Tec is also the exclusive Australian provider of world-leading RealGuard ‘event activated’ intelligent live video guarding technology providing permanent protection solutions for higher risk sites and critical infrastructure.

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Available anywhere, anytime.

RealGuard detects intruder
Intruder caught by RealGuard
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Rent from as little as

$2.70** /hour

Non-capex 100% tax deductable expense

**Typical day savings of $400’ average cost of 12-hour guard cost compared
with 24-hour SiteMaster3 live video guarding deployment

Better than an onsite guard for a fraction of the cost..

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Certified Monitoring Centre

Certified AS2201.2.A1 monitoring centre specialising in live video guarding

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RealGuard automated monitoring centre platform guarantees SOP

State of the art ASIAL certified AS2201.2.A1 live video guarding centre

A complete ‘event activated’ real time guarding service

A camera/detector configuration specific to your protection needs, and a NextG wireless link back to us

Licensed security officers (located at our live video guarding centre) rostered around the clock to view and respond

Latest digital technology triggers live video to RealGuard response

A real guarding service for just a fraction of the hourly cost of an ordinary security guard

Get Immediate Protection

with Rapid Deployment Towers

Available anywhere, anytime.

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