case study: Sydney Trains Lithgow

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RealGuard Remote Video Guarding Trailer

Essential Energy chose to hire a standalone diesel powered Remote Video Guarding (RVG) tower from PaulTec to trial the concept at its Bega depot which was experiencing ongoing security issues. “We were very happy with the trial and experienced a significant reduction in security problems at Bega,” said Ms Rodick.


Having the RVG solution using RVG trailers as a viable alternative to deploying on site security officers at Bega, Essential Energy then installed a permanent First Line Solution RVG system with complete zoned perimeter fence detection. Fixed and PTZ cameras automatically ‘zoom in’ on any attempted perimeter breach, triggering a fast response from remotely located licenced security officers using VOIP audio ‘warning off’. Since commissioning of the 1st Line Solution more than a year ago there have been no major security breaches at Bega.


Identifying and warning off would-be intruders before they actually breach the perimeter cyclone fencing is considered to be the best safety and security option…..’stopping crime before it happens’. CCTV cameras and motion sensors cover critical areas, recording 24×7 and are available for review in the event of accidents, theft, vandalism, OH&S issues, and potential litigation.

The RVG system auto-activates back-to-base at predetermined times each night, and deactivates automatically each morning ahead of normal expected opening times. Persons moving within the detection pattern of motion sensors after hours will immediately trigger ‘live’ video back to the Remote Video Guarding Centre, where licenced security officers quickly view what is happening in real-time. If trespass or likely criminal intent is viewed, security officers immediately challenge via the on-site PA system (the ‘audio challenge’), along the lines of:

“This is RemGuard security… [provide dress description] are attempting to enter a secure area of Essential Energy….your actions are being viewed and recorded….you must vacate the area immediately or police will be called”

Experience shows that 98%+ of all detected trespassers immediately vacate – before they have had the opportunity to steal goods or to damage critical infrastructure. If they fail to react immediately, however, security officers contact police and verbally advise intruders that police are on the way (noting that police invariably respond positively to video confirmed crimesin-progress)