Rapid Deployment Live Video Guarding Service

First Trading in 1977

When you hire a RealGuard live video guarding tower, you don’t just get a camera tower – you get a complete ‘event activated’ real time guarding service!

We deliver the tower with a camera/detector configuration specific to your protection needs, and set up a NextG wireless link back to us. You literally have licensed security officers (located at our live video guarding centre) rostered around the clock to view and respond when your RealGuard tower detects intruders during specified hours.

RealGuard security officers are not trying to focus on banks of video screens for hours on end… they are alerted to action only when movement is actually detected at your site. Blank video screens in the live video guarding centre then ‘come to life’ gaining the immediate and full attention of a specially trained & licensed security officer.

That officer then literally becomes your ‘on site’ guard, tracking the incident, warning off intruders via RealGuard PA speakers, comparing live video with stored reference images, and phoning direct for police assistance to confirmed criminal events in progress:

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AS 4801 WH&S Certified

ISO 9001 QA Certified

ISO 14001 Environmental Systems Certified

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And it’s all recorded and watermarked, so you’re not just relying on incident reports written by guards after the event!

Paul-Tec (Australia) Pty Ltd owns and operates its own state of the art ASIAL certified AS2201.2.A1 live video guarding centre.

Portable RealGuard rapid deployment towers replace or augment on site security guards or random patrols, and can be quickly set up for emergencies 24×7.

Our live guarding centre is truly the ‘engine room’ of this next-generation security guarding solution, having provided a state-of-the-art live video guarding solutions in Australia since 2000.

RealGuard… a Real Guarding service for just a fraction of the hourly cost of an ordinary security guard.

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1 We deliver and setup Tower recording 24x7

2Tower detects intruder movement

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3 Live video to remotely located guard

4Guard identifies intruders

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5 Guard warns off intruders by PA speakers

6Police sent to confirmed intrusions

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