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RealGuard Towers

RealGuard towers are designed and made in Australia for tough Australian conditions. They can equally operate from 240volt mains, or from solar power practically anywhere where NextG wireless communication is available.


240volt mains powered & solar powered towers are, of course, totally silent.


Operation is completely silent during the other 22-23 hours, and special insulation makes it remarkably quiet even when the diesel is running.


RealGuard towers are fitted with a pan-tilt-zoom camera, multiple fixed cameras, on board DVR recording all camera 24×7, long range movement sensing devices, night vision infrared lighting, VOIP public address system and speakers (used by guards to ‘warn off’ intruders), NextG wireless communications to the live video guarding centre, and vandal-resistant alarm & reporting technology.

Its presence alone has proven to be a powerful deterrent to would-be intruders – intruders do not appreciate being recorded on video!

RealGuard towers are perfect for temporary or changeable security guarding needs at higher risk sites

Flexible combinations of additional cameras, detectors, and switchable floodlighting means that RealGuard applications are virtually limitless; 360 degree camera and detection coverage; focused security coverage such as fence lines; emergency response management; traffic control; 24×7 video recording; localised viewing/control for event management or sporting venues … in fact just about application that would otherwise require on-site security guards.

RealGuard Towers

Mask Group 9

New highly affordable rapid deployment solar or mains powered unit with hi-resolution on-board infrared cameras & motion sensors provide 180degree viewing coverage with in-built PA speaker to warn off intruders

Views and detects intruders 360degrees up to 100 metres. Solar or 240volt mains powered

SiteMaster 4

Mask Group 10

SiteMaster 5

Mask Group 11

Top end model views and detects intruders 360degrees up to 100 metres. 240volt mains and solar powered

Rent from as little as

$2.70** /hour

Non-capex 100% tax deductable expense

**Typical day savings of $400’ average cost of 12-hour guard cost compared
with 24-hour SiteMaster3 live video guarding deployment

Better than an onsite guard for a fraction of the cost..

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